Tuesday, 20 November 2007


Last night me and the McCready went up to Killyleagh. Steve was headed for a meeting and already you've guessed it- I tagged along! I love spending time with Steve. He's so raw and honest! (In a good way of course)

I headed on a walk around the town
with Jesus. Seeing the sights-some i remember,some i definitely don't. Killyleagh has alot of found memories woven through it for me. Was good to catch up with it and see how its changed. Exciting to see the area in which I may be working for in the not to distant future.

At the end of the night we caught dinner at the hut and spoke of the thrilling past and the exciting new future. What a feed! Loved it bro.

p.s Check out those those Cheesy bites pizza crusts-only at The Pizza Hut!

Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Fav verse of 2day.

'Watch and be astounded at what i do! For i am doing something in your own day, something that you wouldn't believe even if someone told you about it'.
- Habakkuk one five

I love this book. Simply a
record of this mans conversation with God.

Habakkuk teaches us how to live by faith in God who is alive and active in the current affairs of life, distasteful and unpleasant as those situations might seem!

Be encouraged.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Consider the Sparrow…

I was challenge at the weekend by 3 simple words found in the book of Matthew- ‘Consider the sparrows’.

Simple, yet words that hit home with me, made me think a lot and made me ask myself the question, when actually was the last time I noticed the magnificence and splendour of creation. When was the last time I considered the sparrows or considered the lilies (Matt 9).

I am ashamed to say these thoughts rarely pass life reflections!

So on Sat night I walked home from Banbridge to Laurencetown in the hammering rain. It sucked like nothing else, but I was reminded of the beauty of my natural surroundings and the importance of rain. I simply took time to consider...

Do it!

Although looking back I’ll never forget, how long it is to actually walk that distance and how wet you really can become when God waters the plants!

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

The Great Beyond

Decisions have always been a struggle for me.

I have been labeled many times as the most indecisive.
It’s true in a way. I like to weigh things up to determine the outcome of the choice I make-before I make them! I always take a lot of time to arrange and attain these decisions.

The great beyond-the future discomforts me a lot.

I don’t know what I wana be in the not so far away future! At present finishing my year out with DYFC, I have crawled to a point of, were next? I still want to serve youth of Dromore, and watch as they come to know Jesus, so I have decided to assist leadership for another year at ‘The Base’. Still on the search for quality courses to assist taking leadership or even furthering the worship thing.-I cant decide yet.

But God is good and in control of this chapter in Pete’s life.
I’ll just have to listen for his whisper and wait patiently…..something else I’m not the best at!

Sunday, 3 June 2007

First Steps

Im just taking my first steps in the world of Blogging!
I Love to read others blogs so i thought i might as well have fun with my own.
Hope my thoughts in 'blog form' wont bore you too much.

Here it goes!